Free for All – Rediscovering The Prisoner




Paperback 240 pages.

The Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan’s classic TV series, was the catalyst that brought two friends together back in the early 1990s.

Thirty years later they created Free For All, a podcast that celebrated and investigated this extraordinary, enigmatic masterpiece. This required a deep dive into its many mysteries, and their discoveries led them to appreciate the series anew, finding as many questions as answers.

Join Chris and Cai – and some of the Prisoner experts they met along the road – as they go through The Prisoner’s seventeen episodes, and find out what they gleaned from what turned out to be the ultimate binge-watch.

Inside you’ll discover historical information about the making of the series and about the cast, eye-opening trivia, original illustrations, theories, counter-theories, a reading guide and much, much more.

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