In 1966 Film makers Eric Mival (Music editor on “The Prisoner”, film editor on “Doctor Who”) and Richard Owen took a group of international students into the heart of Eastern Europe at the height of the cold war. What transpired was a fascinating journey into a Europe which looked very different then compared to today.

Meeting other students on their travels, discussing the rights and wrongs of their political systems and circumstances, filming took place in West and East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and into the heart of Russia. Featuring a guest voiceover for one scene by Hollywood star Patrick McGoohan, the film was optioned by Yorkshire TV but never screened.

Red Reflections is presented here for the first time in any format.

"Rediscovered documentary gems like this should be cherished." - Robert Fairclough, Media Historian

"A fascinating insight into a pivotal time of the 1960s." - Tom Mayer, theunmutual.co.uk

"Red Reflections is so wonderful." - warisboring.com

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Special Features: “Red Discussions” – producers Eric Mival and Richard Owen discuss the film 46 years on. “The Retrievers” – Eric Mival’s first short film from 1955.

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